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BLAZEbusiness provide small business consulting in New Zealand, helping you increase profits and work enjoyment. Servicing all areas of New Zealand.

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Go from where you are to great in a very short time.

I, Elžunia, am the founder and driving force behind BLAZEbusiness – which is a unique, dynamic enterprise specifically designed to offer superior consulting to small businesses. If you engage me you have my attention from day one and my swift service quickly brings results.

Why BLAZEbusiness gives better consulting for small businesses.

There are many reasons, one is that I have created several businesses in my life, and have gained a lot of experience from doing so. For example in Sydney I single-handedly created a business from scratch employing 15 people, which quickly became the standout leader in its industry, and stayed there for many years until I sold it. So I will not be asking you to do anything I haven't done myself. And I have also spent a great deal of time studying business.

In contrast to that, business consultants today often have never owned their own business, but instead have only studies to rely on - they don't know first-hand what's involved. Likewise sometimes even personal counsellors pose as business consultants, but have not necessarily had any significant real world business experience to draw on.

I keep the processes simple, uncomplicated and effective. I listen to your needs. I also take a wide approach regarding everything that's important. For example, some people focus almost exclusively on the cashflow situation and budget, and I certainly focus on these too. But I also focus on making sure you have one or two primary objectives, on what they are, and that you have the right strategies in place to ensure as much as possible that you achieve those objectives.

"Without question I would recommend Elžunia to anyone - she was the sounding board that we needed."

– Harvey and Melissa, Allenco Marine