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Elžunia Stachnik has an abundance of experience and success behind her, and now is passionate about providing excellent consulting for small businesses. Elžunia's primary motivation in what she does is the desire for excellence, and striving for this has been a critical component of her own success.

What makes Elžunia stand apart from nearly every other consultant in New Zealand is her Point of Difference. Elžunia draws on her experience in business. She is not predominately working from a text book or business degree, and the clients immediately feel this and know ... including even those clients who are already very experienced business people. No - she is not just talking from a text book, even though she has studied marketing, sales and business coaching. Rather, she mostly draws on her real hands-on experience in business, using strong intuition and passion to uncannily zero into the real potential (or resolution) of a situation - which can sometimes result in her saying "I’m getting goose bumps talking about this".

In her work the thing that Elžunia finds the most fascinating is being able to clearly tap into the client’s vision, and then see the (sometimes just simple) strategies that need to be put into place to bring about swift, effective change. "It isn't always about throwing lots of money around to grow your business, it’s about putting the right energy into the right areas of your business".

The original global recession is in the ancient past now, but Elžunia grew two of her businesses to exceptional heights within recessions. One of these was a multi-million dollar employment agency, started with a two thousand dollar loan, which rapidly grew to become the largest in its field in Australia. The second, also started in a recession in New Zealand, was a personalised dating agency servicing the top end of the market for very busy business people, who did not have the time or opportunity to meet that special person. A recession gives you the opportunity to grow, change your mindset and still make a substantial difference.

“I relish dynamic business consulting, helping my clients grow from starting out or from doing well (and everything in between), onto being great. Blazing their business to the sky!”

Also part of the BLAZEbusiness team are a few very dedicated individuals who work in the background supporting Elžunia's direct work with clients, fulfilling marketing, accounting and IT roles.


"Working with Elžunia has shown me things I didn't know existed in business. I am now so much more confidant."

– Lynette Denver