Business Consulting

BLAZEbusiness is a unique and dynamic company designed to offer the best in business consulting to small businesses throughout New Zealand.

We specialise in helping small businesses. Usual small business ownership structures range from a single owner-operator, or a husband and wife team ... to a small or large partnership. Employees range from one up to approximately forty, but just two or three is very common. Small businesses have unique characteristics, needs, ways of operating, challenges, markets, opportunities, situations and circumstances. And despite small businesses being so numerous in New Zealand there are few consultancies with any service optimised to cater for them specifically. However BLAZEbusiness has created precisely such an optimised service for small businesses.

Our nimbleness allows BLAZEbusiness to provide dynamic business consulting and efficient service, and we can usually respond to your needs in a very timely manner.

Amongst other things, our specialty in business consulting will help you to:

  • Shape your business dreams - a dream is a goal without a deadline.
  • From your dreams, identify your true business vision, and put the goals and strategies in place to achieve it.
  • Overcome limitations and barriers that are holding you back.
  • Develop or fine-tune your managerial, organisational, financial, marketing, sales and operational skills ... getting ready for the next big wave.
  • Know when to move or not to move.
  • Balance your business and personal life - so you have time to enjoy!

In a nutshell ... by showing small businesses how to "have a life with less limitations", I then enable them to increase their profits.

BLAZEbusiness operates without huge overhead costs so we are able to offer rates that are both affordable and flexible, yet the quality of service is very high. Drawing on extensive experience in business, BLAZEbusiness can transfer awareness and knowledge of critical operating factors, impart understanding of the ebb's and flows in business, and share the secret ingredients that can make a business blaze to the sky.

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