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I specialise in helping small businesses. It’s a deep passion I have, born from my own struggles in the world of business ownership, and the eventual success that emerged as a result of that effort.

Usual small business ownership structures range from a single owner-operator, or a husband and wife team, to a small or large partnership. Employees range from one up to approximately a dozen. Small businesses have unique characteristics, needs, ways of operating, challenges, markets, opportunities, situations and circumstances. And despite small businesses being so numerous in New Zealand there are few consultancies with any service optimised to cater for them specifically. However BLAZEbusiness has created precisely such an enhanced service for small businesses.

My nimbleness allows BLAZEbusiness to provide vital business consulting and efficient service, and I can respond to your needs in a very timely manner.


My specialty in business consulting will help you to:

  • Shape your business dreams - a dream is a goal without a deadline.
  • From your dreams, identify your true business vision and put the goals and strategies in place to achieve it.
  • Overcome limitations and barriers that are holding you back.
  • Develop and fine-tune your managerial, organisational, financial, marketing, sales and operational skills.
  • Fix, improve or enhance your operating systems where necessary
  • Know when to move or not to move.
  • Balance your business and personal life - so you have time to enjoy!



My prices vary from $1220 for a small package to $3000 for an extended engagement. BLAZEbusiness operates without huge overhead costs so I'm able to offer rates that are both affordable and flexible with very high quality of service.


Why choose BLAZEbusiness?

  • Over 20 years of business experience to accelerate your success.
  • All business is done either on Zoom or the telephone which saves you time, and money and gives you flexibility.
  • I utilise simple, practical concepts that you can understand and move with straight away
  • Where needed I introduce solid, do-able and effective strategies, methods and tactics.
  • I'm better value for money.
  • I guarantee my results so you know your money is being well and safely invested.


Frequently Asked Questions

I have a hobby that I'm passionate about? Can you help me turn it into a business?
Usually. Some of the best businesses start this way, and BLAZEbusiness can help you make the transition.

I am new to business. How can I learn the basics?
BLAZEbusiness can give you a comprehensive overview of what's required to run a small business. BLAZEbusiness can check that you are using effective tools to good effect.

I have a newly established business. How do I know it’s in good shape?
BLAZEbusiness can check you have the optimum amount and kind of structure in place for business stability and growth.

Can you help improve my present business?
BLAZEbusiness can help you identify problem areas that need attention and focus. Once this is done improvement usually follows.

I've just bought a business. Can you help me?
It can take a while to learn how to run an unfamiliar business well. BLAZEbusiness can help you make the necessary adjustments, and prevent mistakes made by many new owners.

I'm unsure of the vision for my business and where I should be heading. How can you help me?
If you don't have a clear vision it's possible you may be going round in circles. BLAZEbusiness can help you develop your own specific vision and the steps needed to achieve its goals.

My business is breaking even or at times runs at a loss. How can you help?
Initially, boosting your sales may be your best bet and BLAZEbusiness can really help you with that. But it's also essential to have a long term plan with everything you do coordinated with the goals in that plan. This brings many efficiencies which cuts costs.

My business has been impacted by a downturn in the market. What should I do?
A downturn can be difficult, but there are things you can do to recover. It often requires different strategies and tools to help you identify new opportunities. I can help you find those opportunities.

I have issues with hiring staff and keeping them. Can you help?
Definitely. Staff are one of the most important factors in business success and growth, and I can show you how to hire and manage them more effectively.

We're having relationship issues amongst owners, management and staff. Can you assist?
BLAZEbusiness can bring some clarity, calm and purpose to internal interactions and help your team resolve issues.

We are doing OK, making a profit. How could you help us?
Making a profit is great, although it doesn't always indicate full business health. I can check if it's solid and sustainable. I can also help you streamline your operation if it would be beneficial, and fufil even more of your potential.

We're expanding too fast and it’s causing its own problems.
Speed wobbles are dangerous. BLAZEbusiness can help you stabilise so you don't lose any gains you've made, and help ensure continuity happens in a more manageable way.


My Safe Investment Guarantee

If my service to you has completed, and you attended 85% or more of the meetings, and between 3 and 6 months after that you still aren't happy, within that three month period I will refund 100% of your fees without hesitation. I will want to know why you're not happy simply so I can improve my service.  I'm not interested in making money at anybody's expense; I want my clients to be happy and better off. And certainly not unnecessarily out of pocket. That's why I offer a guarantee.

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