I'm not sure ...

Is this really for my business? After all there are many other things I need to do with the time, and many other things to spend money on. And actually we quite agree.

Business consultancy isn't for every small business for a great variety of reasons, yet on the other hand it is for many small businesses for a core of common reasons as well as for some very specific reasons. So how can you tell?


Value for Money?

One of the main concerns clients have had in the past is "value for money" – will they get value for money? Well we are not going to guarantee you will, because that is not just up to us, that is also up to you. We will do our utmost to provide a service that is a good fit with your business, the situation it is in, and the goals it wants to reach. A service that is accessible, affordable, and effective in helping your business. That's from our side.

But none of this will be of any use if you aren't wanting to change things, wanting to make improvements, willing to give it a go too. We will not be doing your work for you, and usually not be micro-managing you. You will need to do it. And you'll also need to be open to the new. Because you can't get different results if you carry on in the same old way. But if you can do even some of these things we know you'll get results, and get good value for money - every time. That we will guarantee.


I have no spare time as it is ...

Another common concern potential clients have had is finding the time to apply to improving the business. And of course this seems logical enough - we're so busy as it is just running the business, it's going to be really difficult to add extra things to do on top of that.

Except things just don't work that way. If you're struggling to get everything done this means things are already out of balance, and most likely inefficient, stressed and thus probably much less productive than they could potentially be. So ditching the activity that is the least necessary is unlikely to cause any real problem, or make anything worse than it already is, even if you might think it would. The truth probably is that activity, and the time it is taking, is not a good use of time anyway.

So exchange it for something that is likely to be much, much more worthwhile - working ON your business, rather than racing around in it. And once you've removed that largely unnecessary activity, and the time it was taking – then voilà. There is the time to spend working with BLAZEbusiness to settle things down, uncover the real issues causing imbalance and inefficiency, and get effort and actions happening in a more productive and profitable way with the same or less effort.

There is always time to do what's necessary. Is improving your business situation right now necessary?


I don't want corporate stuff, or anything too technical

Another doubt clients have sometimes had is will the service be too technical or based on corporate ideals and methods? Well the answer is no to both. Elžunia will talk your language, help you with straight forward ideas, and get you using simple technologies that you can use, unless your business need is for something more demanding. And although she has spent much time in the corporate world, one of the reasons she wanted to do small business consulting was to get away from all that high flying stuff, and work with people and situations that were closer to the other end of the scale - not big business, but small business. And she has really enjoyed learning what it's like for small businesses in today's world with the current challenges small busineses are facing. She feels this has added a richer dimension to herself as a person as well as from a business perspective. So she can work with you right where you are, in your actual situation.


We've already had a business consultant

We also sometimes hear from businesses that they have already "had the business consultants in". And therefore they don't need any more business consulting. When we enquire further we quite often (but not always) uncover a very disappointing story.

It usually goes like this ... "well these important people came down from Auckland in their flash cars and flash suits and talked in corporate-speak, lectured us about all the things we were doing wrong, fixed nothing, and then charged us an enormous amount of money. We'll never use a business consultant again!" And if this is your experience then who could blame you for thinking like this? Not us anyway.

But we have some good news for you. It was exactly this kind of treatment and lack of performance that so many business consultancies have been serving up to small businesses that inspired BLAZEbusiness to create a specially tailored service for these businesses. So you wont get any of that from us, you'll get the opposite – we speak your language, we understand small business issues and realities, we are not based on academic learning with zero or little actual experience of running a business, we actually fix things, and our fees are reasonable. Our business depends on you getting good results. We are focussed exclusively on small businesses, so we don't have other "better customers" with huge pockets to offset any failures we might have with smaller businesses. Therefore the success of our business depends on us getting actual results for you! And so naturally we have to make a real and worthwhile difference. It's as simple as that.


It's too late for business consulting, we've already sunk

Some businesses think that their situation is so hopeless it would be a waste of time and money getting anyone else to try and fix it. Well they're mostly wrong. It's rare that we advise a business to close down, although we have done that on the very odd occasion. It's far more usual that we see plenty of ways to save a business from going belly up, as we aren't burdened by the past struggles of the business or the daily emotional and mental drain of trying to keep it afloat. We usually see the positive possibilities for effectively reviving a struggling business, and then help the business pull itself out of the mud and into the light.


Our business is doing just fine

Still other clients had previously had a good business happening, with no problems as such, and have not seen any reason to engage BLAZEbusiness. Yet on our suggestion they've had the free consultation, and invariably afterwards have signed up, and gone on to benefit as much as any business! But why is this? Because it's all about reaching your potential, about excellence, about being undeniably successful. We don't just help businesses that need problems fixing. We also come into our own when helping small businesses reach up to the next level of achievement, helping them surpass their own previous best efforts. Business can be creative, fun, hugely satisfying, and deeply fulfilling. And we love being part of your journey, helping you unfold your potential so you can blaze your business beyond your wildest dreams!


There's simply nothing to lose ...

These are a few of the reasons some clients, although attracted to what we're offerng, have felt hesitant about signing up to the service. Of course there are more though. In fact there are potentially many reasons why you night not feel 100% certain it is a good thing to do. Well that's why the first consultation is free, with absolutely no obligation. We firmly believe in "try before you buy". But if you have things you aren't sure of, or you have questions you want answers for, then please contact Elžunia so you can discuss your questions or concerns with her in detail (click on Contact Us below).


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